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Replay EVE Online Alliance Tournament matches

Welcome to a simple 3D viewer for EVE Online Alliance Tournament. You can watch matches directly in your web browser without installation of any addons or plugins. Unlike a standard video replay, this viewer allows you to use more options like changing a camera position or easy playback forwarding.


You can select a specific tournament from the list below. Please note that some matches may not work.

Alliance Tournament XI
AT-XI Exhibition Match
New Eden Open II
Alliance Tournament XII
Test Tournament Please Ignore
Alliance Tournament XIII - 2015
Ardishapur Preliminary
Sarum Preliminary
Kador Preliminary
Tash-Merkon Preliminary
Khanid Preliminary
Kor-Azor Preliminary
Amarr Championships Round Robin
Alliance Tournament XIV - 2016

Work in progress

I am developing this application in my free time. There is still some work to do. This is a basic list of modifications I am currently working on:

  • add drones to the battlefield
  • find a video link for every match
  • show a battle summary
  • check all tournaments and make them active
  • minor ui fixes


If you have any questions or ideas, you can send me an email at, contact me in-game or leave a message in the discussion below.

Bierkof - SKy Rats - 404 Alliance not found