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You can see a list of actual tournament matches below. Click on the specific record to watch the match (#number or TV icon). Type a text into input field to filter records. If you find some bug, please report the issue.

Hints: rotate camera with the left mouse button, pan with the right mouse button. Double click in space to reset camera position. Press ESC or click on the menu button at the top to show the main menu with additional options.

Note: some matches may not be available

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Amarr Championships Round Robin

#1SoulLess Zealot vs Ithica Hawklive_tv watch
#2SoulLess Zealot vs Mitara Newellelive_tv watch
#3SoulLess Zealot vs Lysuslive_tv watch
#4SoulLess Zealot vs Damassys Kadeshlive_tv watch
#5SoulLess Zealot vs Kelon Darklightlive_tv watch
#6Ithica Hawk vs Mitara Newellelive_tv watch
#7Ithica Hawk vs Lysuslive_tv watch
#8Ithica Hawk vs Damassys Kadeshlive_tv watch
#9Ithica Hawk vs Kelon Darklightlive_tv watch
#10Mitara Newelle vs Lysuslive_tv watch
#11Mitara Newelle vs Damassys Kadeshlive_tv watch
#12Mitara Newelle vs Kelon Darklightlive_tv watch
#13Lysus vs Damassys Kadeshlive_tv watch
#14Lysus vs Kelon Darklightlive_tv watch
#15Damassys Kadesh vs Kelon Darklightlive_tv watch
16 vs SoulLess Zealotvisibility_off
17 vs Ithica Hawkvisibility_off
18 vs Mitara Newellevisibility_off
19 vs Lysusvisibility_off
20 vs Damassys Kadeshvisibility_off
21 vs Kelon Darklightvisibility_off
22 vs SoulLess Zealotvisibility_off
23 vs Ithica Hawkvisibility_off
24 vs Mitara Newellevisibility_off
25 vs Lysusvisibility_off
26 vs Damassys Kadeshvisibility_off
27 vs Kelon Darklightvisibility_off