Simple intel broadcasting app for EVE Online

Download version for Windows

This application is being developed under MIT license. In general, you should be very careful when running unknown applications. The best thing you can do is to download the full source code of EveCall and create your own build.


EveCall is a simple Windows application designed for players of EVE Online. It's basic feature is to broadcast an intel to popular communication services like Slack and Discord while using their advantages of sharing important information. This application tracks changes in your EVE Online combat log files. When you get into a fight, intel is automatically broadcasted to the specified communication channels to alert your friends that you might need help. Watch the following video to find out more information:

Work in progress

I am developing this application in my free time. There is still a lot of work to do. I have released only the basic version of EveCall. I would like to be inspired by your ideas and integrate new features as soon as possible. This is a basic list of modifications I am currently working on:

  • fixing the lag while loading a combat log directory with a large number of files
  • support for all localized versions of EVE Online game clients (german, french, russian, japanese) - right now the app is working correctly only for the english version of the game client
  • support for MAC users
  • manual ping - a feature that allows you to ping your friends manually, for example before some important fight
  • broadcasting only specific shiptypes


If you have any questions or ideas, you can send me an email at bierkof@pvp.tools, contact me in-game or leave a message in the discussion below.